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 deathmatch tips (not a guide only some tips)

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PostSubject: deathmatch tips (not a guide only some tips)   Thu May 10, 2007 7:12 am

at first i wont write so many giudes as my hands wil l start paining so
i will write sm tips and not a full guide (ibut if u combine all these
tips they may be a DM guide)


when u deathmatch u probably use 2 spraying weapons

but when u reach lvl 21 u go to xpert channel where there is DM + berseker

in this people normally use 1 powerfull spray + pistol or breaker
cause when u kill the berseker (dm + berseker) u do 1 hit K.O with
weapons PB like avenger, minic567 MKx2 etc.

Avoid Getting Sandwiched

Sandwiching is when there is at least one person on both sides of
you firing at you at the same time. This means you're going to be
taking twice as much damage as you would one on one and you're probably
going to die quickly. If they aren't targeting you, the crossfire will
more than likely kill you anyway. To avoid this, stay away from the
middle of long walkways and common areas that are bound to have people
coming form multiple entrances.

Sandwich Other People Whenever Possible

If you see two people fighting, try getting on the outside and let
the bullets fly. If you're lucky, sometimes you can get three or more
in a single area and shoot them in a line. Not only will this royally
piss them off, but also it's going to land you a lot of quick, low risk
kills. Don't feel bad; they'd do it to you if they had the chance.

Wasting Ammo Will Get You Killed

Ever run out of ammo and wondered, "Wtf do I do now?" There are
pickups that you can get to increase your ammunition, but the odds are
strong that running out of ammo is going to seriously reduce your
capability to kill people and will more than likely get you killed
since you can't really defend yourself. If the enemy isn�t in your
crosshair, lay off the trigger until they're back in it. It�s hard to
do sometimes, but it's best to keep it in mind.

Keep Moving

4/5 Dentists Running in a straight line means you're an easy target.
Rolling, dashing and doing k-style will make it harder for u to die.f
you have an accurate ranged weapon, rolling away from your target
would be the best option. If you have inaccurate mid-range damage,
rolling to your target would be the better option.

Utilize Obstacles

If someone is focusing on you, use obstacles to waste his ammo and
strike back. If two people are attacking you, use the map to only let
one see you at a time.

Follow Your Target

If someone is following the previous two tips, don't let them lose
you. Switching targets once you've caused damage to someone means you
just handed someone else a free kill. This also means you now have a
stronger target to deal with.

Read Your Opponents

An enemy running away means a weak enemy. Usually, if you see
someone trying to distance themselves into a defensive position, you'll
want to follow them and pull the ol' trigger.

Grenades are Your Friends

A properly placed grenade in a group of unaware brawlers means loads
of kills for you. Likewise, avoid finding yourself in an unaware group
that gets grenaded.

Sword Fighting

Generally in a deathmatch, if you pull out your sword, someone will
be carrying their gun, and that guy is going to drop you with all
quickness. If you find yourself in a situation where you can get the
person one on one and are pretty decent with the sword, that might be
the time to bust it out and do some chopping or BF (k-style move).

Counters to Sword Fighting

Blocking is only effective against shots to the face and chest. If
someone is blocking with a sword, shoot them in the legs or toss a
grenade. If those two aren't options for you, going sword vs. sword
might be a good idea if you know what you're doing. Blocking will be
key, as a successful block will instantly charge up your sword and
deliver a decent amount of damage in a large area of effect. If someone
tries to use a sword knockdown on you, hit your jump button to quickly
reverse the effects before you hit the ground.

Weapon Combinations

Some maps are more favourable to certain weapon types. For large
open maps or maps with long hallways, using accurate ranged attacks
like rifles and pistols will give you an advantage. For smaller areas
taht have lots of corners, shotguns or SMG's might be preferable. In
either case, having a diverse array of weapons will usually play out in
your favour. When your enviroment makes it appropriate to use a sword,
one good tactic is to charge your sword, deliver the charged attack
which will stun your enemy leaving him defenseless, and follow the stun
attack with a ranged attack.

Utilize the Map's Health and Armor Kits

If you're low on health and are somewhere close to a health or armor
kit, take the time to get it. They're worth it. If you don�t know what
they are, they're the glowy items you can get that instantly raise your
health or armor when your character runs by them. If you don't know
where they are on the maps, find out. Making sure that your enemies
don't get to them when they need it can mean the difference between you
or them dying. usually, the hardest health kit to get is the most


Reload at every safe moment possible, even if you have some ammo in
your clip. This will reduce the amount of reloading in firefights and
it will maximize efficiency from ammo pickups.

Killing Laggers

Often times, you may fire off target only to do a massive attack.What?!
It looks like it went strait through air. But no! It nailed him.
The key to the game, while using semi-automatic weapons, is to predict
your enemy's movements and shoot a step or two of where he currently
is. Your hit indicator will not beep when you do this, but if you
develop your skills, you will notice considerably faster skills.

this guide has been written by arjun.

i may write more guides so look up!
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PostSubject: Re: deathmatch tips (not a guide only some tips)   Thu May 10, 2007 7:27 am

dont post double threads next time.



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deathmatch tips (not a guide only some tips)
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