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PostSubject: Basics!!   Tue May 13, 2008 10:47 am

What "Class" Should I start out as? & What early upgrades are needed?

To be honest, it really doesn't matter much at all, since class only
effects starting weapons and not much else, but it is generally agreed
that most new players should start out as:

Travia Gun Fighter
Starts with
2x Renard SMG's
1x Rusty Sword (Katana)
2x FG1 Frag Grenades

Why? simple it’s the weapon choices… the Dual Renards are the
most forgiving weapon for newbies, it has a lot of ammo, does fantastic
damage, and are pretty easy to hit with, the Rusty Sword is arguably
the best newbie weapon since its got some good damage, its longer so it
hits well, but it can also block bullets, (a fantastic ability) Dagger
has a better special attack, but lets not get into that now =P

Lastly the Frag Grenades are a newbie friendly weapon since they do great damage, are pretty easy to use.

You don't have to start as a Travia Gun Fighter to succeed but they
start with all the best weapons. If you've already started and didn't
pick the Travia Gun Fighter, don't worry, you're just behind a little
on the Bounty (since you'd probably pick up most of the weapons the
Travia Gun Fighter starts with. anyway)

I didn't start with the right class, I ended up buying everything the
Gun Fighter starts with anyway, and by level 9 I was all set….

Now how to expand on this as you level.

First thing I do is buy the Gloves and boots, they both add armor, not
much Weight, (remember Weight is a concern in Gunz, you can only have a
max of 100)

Then at 10 upgrade your pants and shirt, then save for the rings that
give you +8hp, they're steep at your level (sitting at 1000 bounty
each) but they'll be the last rings you need till 30.

Luckily you don't need to upgrade your main weapon till level 13 (when dual Walcom SMG's are available) so save all your bounty.

But pick up a second weapon along the way…
Remember you can't equip the same weapon
twice, but you can equip a lesser version (so you could equip the level
13 smg's and the level 0 smg's if you REALLY wanted, but I wouldn't
advise you to)

I'd get proficient with a second weapon type, covered in the next few sections.

How do you do all those cool moves?

Well we're going to assume that you've mastered the basic commands, as
they are like most other first person shooters, so we'll move right to
the cool stuff.

When you have a gun/Grenade/medpack equipped and you Double Tap any directon you do a cool little matrix-style flip

If you have a melee weapon equipped you do a very fast dash in the direction you Double Tap it’s the fastest way to get around!

Wall Climb

When facing a wall if you hold forward and hit Jump you
run vertically up the wall, if you get to the top of the wall in your
run you do a little flip and land on top, if there is a spot to land.

Wall Run

When standing at a 45 degree angle to a wall (its very narrow) and moving you hit the jump button
you will run across the wall, this is fantastic for getting around
pits, but you really need to practice it, as its quite easy to mess up
(I myself mess it up about 1/3rd of the time.

Wall Jump

This one can be done from part of a wall run, or climb, or just to a
wall, or even between 2 walls, you literally flip off the wall, jump towards the wall and hit jump you can do it multiple times in narrow ally-ways to get some real height.

Melee Special Moves

Clicking the Right mouse button with a Melee weapon out will do its "special move" these don't directly do damage, but set up your target for combos.

Dagger - Does a lunge attack
that knocks the target down, typically a player will then take out
smg's and shoot the target while down, this is a technique called
"dagger noob" since its incredibly cheap. -- I said it was cheap, not
to use it, its very powerful. It has a price, if they avoid it, or get
out of it (see below) you are pretty much stuck there for a short time
while your animation finishes… I often am seen "bull fighting" Dagger
Noobers =P

Sword/Kodachi Both have an
attack that knocks your target into the air, and when they land they
are stunned, you can pull out your guns and shoot them to pieces while
in the air, it’s a little harder to do then dagger noobing, and its
much easier to avoid.

Defending against special moves
- If you are the Victim of either of these special moves, the best
thing to do is instantly mash the jump button the second it happens,
with luck you'll flip out if it, be in control, and the person who
expects you to land on the ground will have their guns drawn waiting
for you… this is when you Lay into them with your own weapons.

Wall Hang

This is a fun little move I use sometimes, when you have a melee weapon equipped, you can right click against a wall
and hang there with your blade in the wall, most useful for stalking
prey, its great to hang down a ledge, wait for someone to come by (by
clever use of angles on your camera) jump up and assassinate them.

It can also be used to climb walls, if you hold forward and jump while right-clicking But only use this till you learn to do the K-style Wall Hang (later in this guide).

What Guns should I use?

Here is a brief Description of each type of gun in Gunz

SMG- These weapons are made for
close Quarters, they're not accurate at all, but they're fast firing
and very forgiving to new players, whats best, is they're your best
defense against someone coming at you with a sword, since they can't
block everything, however, they suck at range, the further you are
away, the less bullets connect with your target, keep that in mind.

Revolver - The weapons of
true sharpshooters, they have some really sick damage, but low number
of shots, and slow re-firing speeds make them difficult to use, however
they're very accurate even at range.

Pistol - Differing from the
revolver, is the pistol, its got more shots, faster reload and re-fire
times, but, has a lower power, you'll only see these as backup weapons,
most people will not primarily wield pistols.

Rifle - Another Marksman
weapon, this combines the accuracy of the pistol/revolver but with
faster firing speeds like the SMG's, the downside is slightly lower
damage per second, but this is the best "Middle of the road" weapon
performs well on all occasions.

Shotgun - at first glance the
damage on this weapon seems sad, but the thing to realize, is that it
sprays many of these low damage bullets at your opponent, the closer
you are, the more hit, if your right in their face, 2-3 shots from this
will take em down, this is the weapon for extreme close ranged shooting.

They fire out In a cone, spreading as they go, spreading pretty much
randomly in a big circle when they fire… so the closer you are to the
target, the more of these "pellets" are sunk into your target.

So as you can see by my sucky 2 second paint drawing, hitting someone
with a shotgun point-blank delivers all 12 shots to your victim's soon
to be corpse…

So for point blank damage, multiply the listed damage, by 12, for the
avenger series shotgun (level 30) that’s 120 damage… now THAT hurts.

Missile Launcher - This is a
hard weapon to use at first, it gets horribly inaccurate at long
ranges, and at very short ranges you can kill yourself, but when you
connect you deal some sick damage, whats better is when you miss, the
explosion still hurts people, while you have it out you can't wall run,
and you move 10% slower, however you can change to another Weapon,
(like your melee weapon) and resume moving unhindered.

Machine Gun - its big its
heavy, its painful, and it holds fires a lot of bullets, and man is it
fun! While you have it out you can't wall run, and you move 10% slower,
but just like the Rocket Launcher, you can switch weapons to move

What Melee Weapon should I use?

Long Sword - These Katana
Shaped weapons are what you see most commonly in Gunz, they have the
highest single damage hits, of any melee weapon, they also have the
ability to block bullets, and their special attack which knocks people
in the air is faster then the Kodachi… they have a middle of the road
weight, and are the slowest to attack of the melee weapons, but trust
me its not very slow at all…

Dagger - These Weapons are
fast and light, they are usually carried by people who either put more
weight into guns, or go for the "Dagger Noob" Move, where the special
attack lunges at the target and knocks them down, only to have the
dagger noob pull out their SMG's and score a free kill. Daggers attack
the fastest, and have the lowest single target damage, they also cannot
block bullets, but are a handy lightweight backup weapon.

Kodachi - These Weapons
aren't even available till level 10, they are a pair of smaller swords,
they have the best damage over time, (as they make more attacks) but
their single hit damage is a bit between dagger and sword, the special
attack mimics sword but is slightly slower. Kodachi are the heaviest of
the weapons, but because of the twin attacks they technically swing the
fastest… Also kodachi can block bullets.

But what about delay?

You see numbers like 80, 1000, 1500, 400, and wonder, what kind of wonky system is Maiet using for delay?

Its actually really simple, they're using milli-seconds…
This is to say that the scale they are using is 1/1000th of a second.

So a gun with a 1000 Delay actually takes a whole second in-between shots (not counting reload time)

And a Gun with 500, takes half a second in between shots

And a gun with 100, takes one-tenth of a second between shots.

And that’s how Delay Works!

What is the difference between AP and HP?

HP is the Green bar in the upper left corner of your screen
AP is the Blue Bar just under it.

All Players Regardless of level, a naked player has 100hp and 0AP.

Armor pieces give you AP, and a few give you HP

It is typically regarded that HP is twice as good as AP so when
compairing armor pieces, if one has some HP on it, multiply the hp by 2
and add it to the AP.

Now why is HP considered better? There are 2 reasons, 1 the goal of the game is to reduce your target's HP to 0 not Their AP.

When a Targets AP = 0, It just means all further damage will now go to HP.

As Long as a person has AP this is how damage works.

Each Weapon attacks a different amount of HP/AP depending on What kind
of Weapon it is and where you hit them, here is a chart I shamelessly
stole from someone on the Gunz Forums… it is accurate within 3% (so you
can add/subtract 3% either way and that’s the full range of what it

Sometimes when I kill someone Words Fly Out, Why?

This is kinda just a colorful representation of how well you are doing,
it doesn't directly effect your Bounty or Experience, but it definetly
makes the game more colorful…

Anyway you get….. When you….

Fantastic - Killing someone within a certain time limit/ammo limit
Unbelieveable - Getting 3 kills in 1 lifetime without dying.
Excellent - Killing 2 or more people really quickly (seconds apart)
Headshot - Shooting someone in the head, duh.
All Kill - You alone have Killed all the opposing team members in a Team Death Match or Team Gladiator

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PostSubject: Re: Basics!!   Tue May 20, 2008 6:50 am

lol good
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PostSubject: Re: Basics!!   Fri May 23, 2008 9:30 am

Very Happy u like it?
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PostSubject: Re: Basics!!   Sun May 25, 2008 4:12 pm

Who wrote it ? GZF has thousands of members lol. It's not nice to take stuff from it without giving credits to the person who wrote it x_x
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PostSubject: Re: Basics!!   Mon May 26, 2008 7:41 am

dint saw the name..........anyways got the info na.
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PostSubject: Re: Basics!!   

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